CLIL – Motýlci

From tale to tale

Základní pohádkové postavy se dětem představily také anglicky.

✅ Vocabulary:

Words: fairytale, king, queen, wizard, princess, princ, fish, heart, gingerbread

✅ Phrases:

🟦My favourite fairytale is….

🟦I love my (mum/ dad/ sister/ brother)

Winter sports

S dětmi jsme si užili zimní sporty i v angličtině!

✅ Vocabulary:

Words: snowball fighting, sledging, ice hockey, skating, skiing, ski jumping

✅ Phrases:

🟦Let´s play…

🟦My favorite sport is…

🟦 Let´s make a snowman

Christmas time

Let´s celebrate Christmas…

✅ Vocabulary:

Words: Christmas, tree, gift, Christmas, candle, carp, spotted, stripped…

Verbs: whisper, wish

✅ Phrases:

🟦We wish you…

🟦Merry Christmas.


🟦 Happy New Year!


Let´s find name of the day…

✅ Vocabulary:

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, week

Verbs: shake, drum, like, can, dance…

✅ Phrases:

🟦I can…

🟦I like to…

🟦Sit on bench.

Human Body

One mouth, one nose and two eyes. Guess what is it? Happy smiling kid 🙂

✅ Vocabulary:

Body parts: head, leg, shoulders, knees, hand, finger…

Face parts: nose, ear, eye, mouth, chin…

Verbs: Put, point, wash, stretch…

✅ Phrases:

🟦Stretch up

🟦Wash your hands.

🟦 Clean your teeth.

🟦 Put it on…

🟦 Point your finger up/down.

🟦 Lets speed up!

Look around and say what you see!

So lets count, share our feelings and find some colours.

✅ Vocabulary:

Numbers: from one to ten

Colours: red, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, orange, yellow, black.

Emotions: happy, angry, sad, tired, bored, scared

Halloween: witch, pirate, mummy, vampire, bat…

✅ Phrases:

🟦 Make a circle.

🟦One, two, three, look at me.

🟦 Clap your hands/ Stamp your feet…

🟦 Lets clean up!

🟦 Sit down!

🟦Stand up!